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Dr. Celia Ross


 PhD, Public Health: Epidemiology
MS, Biology 

My master's thesis was in molecular genetics. My PhD dissertation was in gerontology. I continue to read and attend lectures / conferences on both topics. Thus my health science background ranges from molecular biology to gerontology.








About Celia Ross 

 Celia is a Health Science scholar

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 Research by Celia Ross

List of articles, posters, and more

Transcriptional inhibition of the bacteriophage T7 early promoter region by oligonucleotide triple helix formation.






Review / Commentary / Hypothesis Articles

A Hypothesis about a Possible a Molecular Mechanism in Alzheimer's Disease

Bioethics and the Need for Activities Programs in Holistically Caring For the Enduring Spirit / Personhood in Dementia





Comments and Letters about hot topics

I am an avid PubMed surfer. I participate in the discussion of hot topics through letters and comments.

A hypothesis about diet, exogenous small RNAs, and gene expression

Telomere attrition and aging

Re: The relation between past exposure to fine particulate air pollution and prevalent anxiety: observational cohort study

Re: Alternate Healthy Eating Index 2010 and risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among US women and men: prospective study

Scientific Commenting and Judo

Re: Mediterranean diet and telomere length in Nurses Health Study: population based cohort study

Primal Lakeshore Diet

Re: Fruit and vegetable consumption and mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer: systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies

Fruit and vegetables in the diet and mental well-being

Exercise, gut, and the brain?

Epigenetics and the environment

Affordable dietary DHA is a social justice issue

Exercise and type 2 diabetes

Does whole fruit promote health in part through prebiotic activity?

A possible epigenetic mechanism linking fish consumption and cerebrovascular disease risk reduction.

Re: "Cigarette smoking and incidence of first depressive episode: An 11-year, population-based follow-up study".

Letter Regarding Article by Weitzman et al, Tobacco Smoke Exposure Is Associated With the Metabolic Syndrome in Adolescents

Re: Prospective study of adult onset diabetes mellitus (Type 2) and risk of colorectal cancer in women






Celia is an entrepreneur


Delaware Gerontology Institute, LLC




UNC-CH Executive Development



I am developing Activities books for the elderly

Awesome Activity Worksheets for Memory Care: A Senior Care Activity Book




Celia has experience in healthcare 

Gerontology. Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP).






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